I know divorces aren't generally a good experience however, once I was referred to and met with Brent, I felt a HUGE weight lifted from my mind. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, ethical and goes to bat for you quickly and aggressively. It was an excellent experience, to say the least. He was able to get my divorce settled and finalized in record time. I'm very happy with the results and wouldn't go anywhere else. I highly recommend giving him a call!

Jared D H.

attorney left some gaps in my case and wasn't as knowledgeable, aggressive nor experienced as Brent. This mistake cost me a few tens of thousands of dollars before Brent came into the picture. Had I originally used Brent, I know that every detail would have been covered and that I would have been protected much better. He came with a stellar recommendation, jumped into the middle of my case and got me through the large barriers that I faced. He is the best!!!

Landon M.

Brent is extremely professional to work with. This is the 2nd time we have engaged Brent's services and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, strong, and intelligent attorney. Brent was easy to work with and we felt he genuinely cared for us and our family. He is aggressive and knows the law. Call Brent, you won't be disappointed.

Matthias A.

Brent was a great support to me during the divorce and kept me focused on the big picture. Very knowledgeable and an incredible resource. He was responsive and direct and didn't put up with any BS. Divorce is such a nasty mess, there is is no replacement for experience.

Jenny D.

I have him help me with my pro se order to show cause, He volunteered through the court system to help those who represented themselves. He was trying to get the other party to listen to my suggestions for settlement, giving me advice, and being on my side when you really need someone to be there for you, even if you are presenting yourself.


When I moved into Utah from out of state, I needed to have my divorce decree and parenting time registered in the state of Utah while keeping child support formula in the previous state (per court order). I called several lawyers and Brent was the first one who assured me that he could complete the paperwork appropriately. We set up a meeting and by the time I left, I knew that everything would be completed correctly. It only took a few days for the paperwork to be completed and submitted. Brent offers the first hour consultation for free. I will use him again if needed.


Brent was recommended to me by a friend or a friend. This should have been an easy divorce but the other side often seemed unrealistic in their demands. Brent was there through the whole process and often had to remind me of what was important and what was just not worth arguing over. It took almost three years to get the divorce done and with Brent's help the outcome was fair and about where we should have been if we had been able to agree at first. Brent was very impressive in front of the judges and I always felt like I had someone looking out for my best interests. Brent was not afraid to tell me if he felt I was being unreasonable. I respected that from him and felt that came from his years of experience and understanding in the legal system. Brent was always more organized than I was and was always able to produce documents right when we needed them. He was always reminding me of meetings and deadlines so that we outworked the other side. I was glad to have Brent by my side at mediations and in the courtrooms.


Very knowledgeable, answered all my questions thoroughly, provided a quick and simple resolution. Truly appreciate him and would recommend him without hesitation.


Brent handled my divorce very professionally. And years later, when things went wrong with some of the judgements, I called him up and he was back on my side again. Great person to have there for you at a bad time! Thanks again Brent